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Ongoing Compliance Retainer & Support

SSB Compliance’s most popular offering is our Full Time Support Service.

Under this service, we'll take over the technical administration of compliance, and the boring bits too. With our Full Time Support Service everything is taken care of. It's stress-free, so you can get on with what's important - running your business. 

Our cost-effective package includes:

  • A full Risk & Compliance Gap Analysis
  • Full KYC & AML process development
  • Online compliance training
  • Ongoing COLP & COFA support

Risk & Compliance Gap Analysis

An SSB Compliance Expert will spend a full day at your offices reviewing all risk and compliance. We deliver a comprehensive report identifying issues, and provide practical recommendations and solutions.

It's more effective than employing your own compliance expert and significantly less expensive.

Our report provides an analysis of the following:

Office Manual

We'll thoroughly review your office Manual and all associate policies ie AML, Equality and Diversity, Anti-Bribery, Vulnerable Clients etc. We'll suggest changes as necessary and ensure you're compliant with the new Code of Conduct.

Client Care Documentation and Regulatory Requirements

We will review and report on your:

  • Client care letters
  • Terms of business
  • Letterheads
  • Invoices
  • Email footers
  • Website
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Registers & Other Documentation

We'll analyse all your other compliance documentation:

  • Complaints Register
  • Risk Register
  • Outsourcing Register
  • Criminal Finances Act 2017 Suspicious Activity Report Register
  • Gifts and Entertainment Register
  • Register of Interests
  • Declined Instructions Register
  • Barristers and Experts Register
  • Recommendation of Third Parties to Clients Register
  • Undertakings Register
  • Training Plans
  • IT Compliance and planning
  • File & File Opening Checklists
  • Risk Management Processes / Supervision
  • Fee Sharing and Referral Agreements
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • AML procedures and policies

Cost £3,950 + VAT

Full KYC & AML Process Development

Together with price transparency, anti-money laundering is one of the SRA's key areas of focus. SSB Compliance has the experience, knowledge and state of the art software to ensure your AML processes are robust and in good working order.

SSB Compliance offers a one-day AML audit service, from which come a Risk and Compliance Gap Analysis. An AML Expert will visit to assess your compliance with your policies, procedures and controls.

Our detailed report will outline your current position and provide practical guidance on how to ensure you stay compliant with the latest AML regulations. It will serve as a written statement for your records and for the regulators as necessary. 

The onsite audit covers:

  • Governance
  • Risk based approach
  • Customer due dilligence
  • Source of funds and source of wealth
  • Training
  • Suspicious activity reporting.

On the day, you'll need to supply your policies and procedures for us to assess.

Cost £2,765 + VAT

Complaint Handling

No one likes dealing with complaints. Responding to complaints is time consuming and emotionally draining. However, handling complaints properly is a regulatory requirement. Done well it can actually enhance the reputation of your firm. Most people equate great service with great complaints handling.

Reduce the stress on you and your team by outsourcing complaints handling to SSB Compliance. We'll handle them efficiently and objectively, providing you with the best reputational outcome.

How it works:

  • SSB Compliance review the client’s complaint(s).
  • Based on your complaints procedure, consideration of the Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rules and a review of the client’s file we'll draft a proposed response.
  • Following any complaint, SSB Compliance will identify areas of improvement to help prevent the reoccurrence of a similar issue arising again.
  • Quarterly and annual reports on complaints investigated.

If required, SSB Compliance can also:

  • Draft Complaint policies.
  • Prepare an internal complaints handling procedure.

Cost £60 per hour

Business Structure Support

How you structure your firm is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business.

We can help you decide what is the best structure to support your business goals and then help you implement those changes.

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Many law firms do not understand the professional and financial risk that they are putting their businesses in by failing to understand and implement their regulatory requirements.

At SSB Compliance we provide solutions that tackle these issues, leaving lawyers to get on with their day job safe in the knowledge that their backs are covered."

Wesley Bower - CEO SSB Compliance.

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